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Hardqor Production Services
Is a multi function/Final production studio Capable of producing quality CD or MP3 mastering from a variety of sources.

Finalizing From your studio recording: Adjust the Final EQ And volume levels to the Industry standards,Fix any noise problems that may exist.

Want To Add some crowd noise to your Live Recording?
Put some ambient sound effects to your acoustic Dreamscape? I can add any additional Sound effects to your tracks that you wish.

Ambient Effects, Trance Loops...
Original Soundtracks, Background music, Sampling: Want to go Industrial? I create Click tracks and original Industrial Soundtracks and write them to your media... Based on songs that you may have already written.

Fix That Demo!
Produce C.D. masters from your old Tape Demo: Remove most tape noise, Re-EQ, And Create C.D.
Conversion from any format to any other format(such as .Wav to Mp3, MP3 to Real audio... Mp3 to Wav.

Web Services

Web Services: Low Cost posting, Upload, Site creation. I will help you create a free web site Just like this one, and maintain or update it.

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